Andorra means Spa, wellness, gastronomy, art and culture!

Andorra is much more than skiing and shopping. Andorra has a fascinating cultural heritage: Romanesque Art, Iron Route, gastronomy… And a great offer of spa and wellness: Caldea, InĂşu…

Wellness in Andorra… BringuĂ© Hotels Spa and Caldea

In Andorra, you will find several spas. Amongst them, Caldea and its new exclusive InĂşu, Centre are remarkable. Caldea is much more than a spa, it is a term & ludic Space what, also, offers shops and restaurants.


Other than Caldea, and few metres away from El Pradet Hotel, the Xalet Bringué Hotel Spa is a great choice in Ordino: the most elegant and intimate space, with a strictly limited maximum people, and a wide massage and treatments menu.


For reservations for Caldea or the Xalet Bringué Hotel Spa, please ask us at reception.

What is Caldea?


It’s the best excuse to come to Andorra. Discover the Caldea Spa


An alternative spa to Caldea: the modern Xalet Bringué Hotel Spa, just a few metres away from El Pradet Hotel, with an irresistible massages menu.

Spa Bringué

Enjoy our gastronomy during holidays:

In Andorra, specially in Ordino, you will be able to taste the mountain cooking and the traditional cooking of Andorra, with Andorra D.O. beef, mushrooms, game…


In our hotel restaurant you will find the best grilled meats in Ordino.

Andorra churches: the Romanesque jewels of the Principality

In Andorra, the Romanesque Art developed from the 8th to the 13th centuries, still present in bridges and rural churches. The beauty of the natural surrounding of Andorra and of these Romanesque little churches prolongs inside them with polychrome wooden figures, mural paitings, altarpieces…


In the Valley of Ordino you will find many of these Romanesque churches, such as the Sant MartĂ­ de la Cortinada church or the Sant Climent de Pal church (in La Massana), in front of which you will find the Romanesque Andorra Interpretation Centre, where you will be able to learn more about the Romanesque Art.


Also, when discovering the Romanesque Art of Andorra, visiting La Seu d’Urgell Cathedral is a must. La Seu D’Urgell is the first Spanish village from the Andorra border.

Where can you find the Romanesque Art in Ordino?


Romanesque churches and bridges are all around, such as the Romanesque church of La Cortinada.

Discover the Pyrénées Iron Route from Andorra!

The Pyrénées Iron Route goes across the Valley of Ordino, where the iron working industry was strong between the 17th and 19th centuries.


The haulage trail of Ordino will lead you to visit the Rossell Forge, the Llorts Mine and the Areny-Plandolit House-Museum.